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Europe examines long term investment scheme for companies

´╗┐BRUSSELS, June 26 The European Commission proposed a scheme on Wednesday to make it easier to pool long-term investment for companies, as part of a drive to ease their access to finance and help recovery in Europe. The proposal to create a 'European Long-Term Investment Fund' would establish an EU quality mark for funds that could then be sold to investors across Europe, interested in companies or projects such as energy or transport infrastructure. It is the kind of scheme Europe's leaders will discuss when they meet in Brussels on June 27-28 to resolve one of the biggest hurdles in overcoming economic stagnation - how to bolster finance for small companies and the economy. Although any fund manager is free to set up such a fund now, establishing a common EU brand and standard would make it easier to avoid national bureaucratic hurdles and win investors across the region.

"Currently, financing is often scarce and where it exists, too focused on short-term goals," said Michel Barnier, the European commissioner in charge of regulation.

"I hope that creating a new EU investment brand will gain the confidence of investors and companies alike."The European Union is also looking at other plans to kickstart growth.

The European Investment Bank and the European Commission are working on a project to generate up to 100 billion euros

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